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Xerox Copiers Sales and Lease Deals designed for you.  Experience Unmatched Service and Unbeatable Quality.

Xerox Copiers, Versalink, Altalink, and Primelink. Xerox Security Solutions can protect your print infrastructure from virtually every threat. While technology advances, paper documentation remains the indisputable choice for foolproof record-keeping. Looking for a company in Calgary for Xerox Copier Sales and leasing that truly understands and caters to your needs? We prioritize local partnerships, offering the finest selection of office copiers from a trusted manufacturer committed to sustainability and security. Our commitment to you doesn’t end there. We go above and beyond with our unparalleled client care services. Many offices rely on MFPs for scanning and emailing digital copies of printed documents. However, for those heavy-duty print jobs or 11 x 17 prints, our advanced copiers take the lead.

Unleash the Power of Xerox

1: Discover Unmatched Flexibility

Our photocopiers are more than just copying and printing machines. They empower you to streamline your workflow by effortlessly emailing or faxing scanned documents, eliminating unnecessary steps. With customizable shortcuts, simplifying the process has never been easier.

2: Boost Productivity to New Heights

Escape the constraints of copy shops and experience lightning-fast printing capabilities. Say goodbye to waiting and hello to increased productivity and cost savings for your business.

3: Fortify Security Measures

Xerox has maintained a years-long partnership with global cybersecurity firm Trellix, as well as the networking and security giant Cisco, in order to keep their printers secure. This association allows centralized printer management of printer security policies through Trellix’s ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) and Cisco’s Identity Services Engine (ISE).

4: Embrace Sustainable Practices

Reducing paper waste is not only environmentally friendly but also financially rewarding. Check out some of these apps for your printer and copier to help reduce waste Xerox App Gallery

Explore our Xerox Copier Sales and Lease programs in Calgary by reaching out to our dedicated print specialist at 403-250-8335. Already have a reliable copier in need of professional repairs? Click Here. Trust the Xerox Calgary Company that delivers excellence in every aspect of our service. We have delivered excellence in Calgary and Area since 1995.

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