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Xerox Copiers Sales and Copiers Lease options, the choice is yours. We are The Calgary Copiers Company to partner with. Our focus is on making sure you have the best machine for your business needs with the service you deserve. Through Xerox, we offer software solutions to streamline your copier printing, ask us about our connectivity software’s provided by the manufacturer *additional cost*

Every business still needs hard-printed copies for several purposes, and technology backup is one of them. There are times when your network may be unavailable, your computers crash, or you face problems with hackers.

In a worst-case scenario, you may permanently lose all your most precious confidential data and files. A hard copy backup plan is the best strategy, and your office photocopiers can help.

As technology advances, paper documentation remains the only foolproof way of keeping records.

Looking for a Calgary based Xerox Copier leasing company that cares about your needs? Shop local. We carry the Best Office Copiers. We have also partnered with manufacturers you can trust for sustainability, then we provide the client care service you deserve.

Many offices rely on MFPs to scan printed documents and ability to email them right to their in boxes so they have digital PDF versions to keep on file. Copiers are better suited for long, heavy-duty print jobs where a large number of copies are needed at a time, and/or require
11 x 17 prints.

Benefits of  Commercial Copiers

1: Offers Flexibility

A photocopier has many uses beyond copying and printing. They can email or fax documents right after scanning to reducing the amount of steps that sending information typically requires. We can set-up short cuts to keep the process simplified.

2: Improves Productivity

Today’s copiers can print anywhere from 15 to 100 pages per minute on average, with higher-end units able to print or duplex even more per minute. That’s much faster than waiting on an order from a copy shop and is less output cost to your business.

3: Increased Security

Relying on a third-party service to produce your copies puts sensitive information at risk. You can protect your documents by having your own equipment in your business and securing your copier.  Many machines today come equipped with encryption software and password protection capabilities.

4: Reduce Paper Waste

There are several environmentally friendly ways to reduce paper waste when using digital copiers. For example, if you set your unit to print on both sides (duplex) then you will print faster, use less paper, less energy, and end cost is less.

Another way to reduce paper with your copier is by emailing or saving copies digitally instead of printing them. By using less paper, you will save more money.

For more information about our Xerox Copier Sales and Copiers Lease programs based in Calgary, please contact our print specialist at 403-250-8335. Have a great copier and want to repair it? Click Here

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